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Monday, December 08, 2008

Devoxx 2008: A few words about Scala II

Scala is an impressive language. It allows for more, so you can end up with totally intelligible code - but it also enables to write a more elegant and powerful code.

I learned a little bit about it. But only a little. I know what is difference between objects and classes in Scala. I still do not know what traits are. However, this language can easily impress with added simplicity and flexibility.
Of course, this simplicity is just superficial, because you ca build very complicated programs with it. Programs, which would be next to impossible in pure Java.

However, it is also a fact, there is not much software developed in this language. There are no entreprise grade project using scala as a tool. It is risky to choose Scala. It is still not known, if it is worth to learn that language. However, if it catches up, like it happened with Ruby, the reward could be huge.

A few years ago nobody new, how big hit Ruby would become.

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