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I admit I never wrote a blog before, so I have not a final concept what I will write about. I am interested in computer science, aquaristics, Japanese and I will put comments on those topics. If you find it interesting, I will be glad.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I happened again. The New Year has come. No surprise, it was bound to happen. The day isis like any other day. Anyway, there is some magical thinking attached to it, that one cannot help but think about it. I suddenly realized there were so many things I did not succeed to do last year.

I myself decided to change some things in my life, too. The last year was not the worst, I want the new one to be even more wonderful. I must work much harder to make it so.

I want to write more. There were not many comments, so I thought that this blog of mine is useless, but apparently there were at least two persons, who enjoyed it. So, I decided to continue to write it, hoping, I will find some topic to write about.

To start things in the good way, the first change was to upgrade my blog to new version. I am not sure, how it is going to look, I hope the developers of this platform did the good job.

This will help me achieve my next goal, to make this blog a little multilingual. It is difficult to write in more that one language - actually, it is not difficult, but time consuming. Do not expect every message to be multilingual;-) But I will translate some, just for fun, and to help my language skills.

Happy New Year!



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