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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Deeds, Not Words

John Paul II is passing away. There are no words to describe how sad I am. Though I never spoke to him 1-1, I always had this feeling he was there. The life afterwards going to be a little different.

But not much different. I see no reason for giving up that what he taught, either by his word, or his very example. I was very fortunate to live in the times, when I could enjoy the fact, he was there.

I kept crying yesterday, and still have tears in my eyes, though I know that my faith requires me to believe it is not the end, just a passage to the real beginning. But this journey is a long one, and never again in this world will I hear his voice. That makes me very sad, and my heart is bleeding.

I just see in my mind's eyes Cracow during his previous pilgrimages to Poland, and the people who gathered there then. Never before, and never later did I experienced such level of closeness, empathy and commonwealth with other people, total strangers to me, as then. I was happy to see him then.

I am sorry I did not want to take more active part in his previous pilgrimages to Poland. But that is also a lesson. We should be more active, and do not miss an opportunity by just sitting at home, thinking it is too big an enterprise for us. Any amount of time we have here is like a dust, insignificant compared to the infinity. I am beginning to think that one of the most horrible sins is wasting our time, doing things that perhaps are not pain for anybody, but they do not lead us, nor any other, to grow...

While we cannnot do everything, we must choose those things to do, that will lead us to grow. He certainly knew this, and he tought it not with words, but with his active life.

That is what I feel now. We should not to give up hope and dreams because they are too big. We must pursue them, even against ourselves. That is the lesson.

Many people listened to Him, but not so many followed. That is our fault, not his, nor his teachings. It is very difficult to follow. It is very difficult to make our life productive, meaningful and happy. He just showed us a way, but then went on to showing way for the others - if we did not follow, he could do no more.

John Paul II, Giovanni Paulo II, Jan Paweł II, Karol Wojtyła... I will miss him greatly.


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