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I admit I never wrote a blog before, so I have not a final concept what I will write about. I am interested in computer science, aquaristics, Japanese and I will put comments on those topics. If you find it interesting, I will be glad.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Now and Here (2)

I have not written for a while. Still, I did not abandon this project, only I had no time... well, bad excuse. I am going not to be so lazy in the future.

One may ask a tricky question, if writing this blog is so important to me that I can die doing it...
and that would be a good question. And a difficult one, too.

Comparing to other activities, it is maybe not so important, but while writing I feel I am on the right way. It may produce good results or it may not. But this is with all the actions - we never really know beforehand.


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