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Monday, December 08, 2008

Devoxx 2000: Groovy II

The session about groovy was quite interesting. I could see on many examples that this technology is interesting. However, I wanted to follow the examples, and do it on my own computer. Unfortunately, it was not possible to download anything before this session, and during the session. It made me irritated a little bit. Unfortunately, I had network problems at home as well. The session was not designed to follow the examples, but even so this was what I wanted to do.

The second part of the presentation was about Grails. It was also interesting, but no so as the first part. The technology is even more intriguing... but it was definitely too shallow.

The session was a little to long, the presenter extended it for the whole break. Even so, there were many areas of Grails which were not explained thoroughly enough. I had impression the speaker could do with at least another hour. And that could be profitable for all, because the second part of the presentation was too hasty to be very valuable. Especially at the end there was the feeling of hurrying.

For me there were two small remarks, one about groovy, and one about grails. What really interested me was that there is a Drools plugin to Grails. That could be useful.

I also learned about the existence of the Griffon framework (during the first part). It is supposedly an MVC framework similar to Grails, but focused on Swing applications. Also worth exploring.

Because the session was too long, I did not go for the short session directly after it. One of the sessions was about searching in the application, and that could be interesting. The last session, about testing, was a disappointment for me. It was too short to learn anything significant.

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